Instructions for using the Tree crops’ CO2 Removal Capacity Calculation Tool (CO2RCCT)

Tool settings The first step is the User to enter worksheet "Tool settings" (light green colour tab) and select the Country (Greece, Italy or Spain) on which CO2RCCT will be applied and then the language that will be used by CO2RCCT.
The available language options depend on the selected Country (English is a common option to all 3 Countries).
Input In the worksheet "Input" (coral colour tab) the User has to insert information and data for the tree crop cultivation of interest.
Questions Q1 and Q2 are mandatory and must be answered prior to the rest Questions.
Regarding the rest Questions (Q3 to Q13.5), even if the User has no available data or knowledge to answer them, the design of CO2RCCT ensures the extraction of reliable results by retrieving the non filled-in, missing data by the back-end supporting Database.
If fields Q9.1, Q10.1, Q10.3, Q10.5, Q10.7 are not filled-in by the User, CO2RCCT will consider the corresponding answer as an affirmative one (e.g. yes fertilizers are used) and it will proceed to the calculations using data that will be retrieved by the back-end Database.
In case the User decides to change the Country option in worksheet "Tool settings" while there is in progress an on-going "run" of CO2RCCT, he must change respectively the selection of the geographical area in Question Q2 otherwise CO2RCCT will not continue to operate appropriately.
Finally, it has to be underlined that the User is important to read and follow the instructions which are included in each individual Question of worksheet "Input".
Results The results that are extracted by the operation of the CO2RCCT are presented in the worksheet "Results" (light blue colour tab).
The overall results are presented (CO2 Annual Removal Capacity, CO2 Total Annual Removals, CO2 Total Annual Emissions) as well as the results of the sub-sections of the CO2RCA (CO2 Annual Removal due to Biomass of Wood, CO2 Annual Removal due to Biomass of Fruits, CO2 Annual Storage in soil as carbon of the fallen biomass, CO2 Annual Emissions due to the use of fertilizers, pesticides, fossil fuels and electricity). For each sub-section, the constituent parameters are also calculated and presented.
Furthermore, the CO2 Gain due to the application of "green" agricultural practices, is calculated and presented per case.
For all the above results, the respective CO2 Removal Capacity Indexes (per unit of cultivated area, per unit of harvested fruits, per tree unit) are calculated and presented.
Note: if #DIV/0! appears instead of a numerical result, this means that one or more of the corresponding statistical data YD (Yield Density), PD (Planting Density) and S (Surface of tree crop plantation) for the specific selected geographical area are not available in the back-end Database.
Database The back-end Database that supports the operation of CO2RCCT contains various coefficients and data that have been acquired by several sources which are referenced accordingly.
This Database is included in the worksheets of the current .xlsx file with the black colour tabs.
These worksheets also include the equations, assumptions and logical paths that constitute the CO2 Removal Capacity Algorithm (CO2RCA) based on which CO2RCCT performs its calculations.
Although these worksheets are accessible by the User, it is strongly adviced not to alter or modify any data or equations because in such a case the CO2RCCT may not operate appropriately.
The only data that the User could replace with other probably more suitable for his case study, are the ones included in the black cells with the white characters.